Syrian Army Gives Two Days to Terrorists to Leave Aleppo City


TEHRAN (FNA)- Terrorists have only 48 hours to leave their positions in the Eastern districts of Aleppo and leave the city, the Syrian Army announced on Friday.

The Syrian army aircraft dropped leaflets over Aleppo city and gave only two days to the terrorist to leave the city via a corridor established by the Syrian troops.

“Aleppo is under our siege. You have this corridor to leave the city otherwise you will be killed,” the leaflets said.

Meantime on Thursday, the Syrian army and popular forces, backed by artillery units, continued to advance in the Southern parts of Aleppo after taking control of Khan Touman’s warehouses.

Concurrent with the army operations, the air force pounded the terrorists’ gathering centers in Khan Touman and the nearby areas as well as Ma’arata in the Southwestern parts of the military academy region.

They also launched airstrikes on Kafr Hamra and Haraytan in the Northern parts of Aleppo as well as Kafr Naha, Sheikh Suleiman and Kafr Daesh in the Western parts of the province.



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