It mutt be love! Owner of Australia’s biggest dog forks out $200 of food for him weekly – despite being regularly crushed under his 113kg frame


By Nelson Groom for Daily Mail Australia

If you’ve ever lamented getting pestered by your pet while watching TV, spare a thought for the owners of Australia’s biggest dog, Baron.

The 113kg English mastiff may be a gentle giant, but images of him crushing his owner Mark York under his hulking frame show the affectionate hound lacks a great deal of spacial awareness.

The 6’6′ Sydney pooch is set to start visiting schools and hospitals as a therapy dog – and he’s yet to stop growing.

‘He will start his training soon. He is a very laid back dog, gets on with everyone and all kinds of other animals,’ York told Daily Telegraph.

Baron will continue growing until he is four, making him a contender for the world’s heaviest dog – a title currently claimed by a 127.5kg US mastiff.

York said he forks out an eye-watering $200 a week feeding the insatiable beast a mountain of food.

‘Baron eats a lot, he has meat and biscuits for brekkie, chicken necks for a midday snack and meat and biscuits for dinner with extra vitamins and oils, some pilchard or sardines, egg, pumpkin and veggies.

Baron snared the best junior dog award at the Royal Melbourne and first place at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

In spite of his size he has the playful nature of a pup, with social media images showing Baron frolicking with dogs of all shapes and sizes.




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