Is Hillary Clinton dead? Bizarre rumours claim Clinton DIED after pneumonia collapse


REPORTS of Hillary Clinton’s demise have swept the web. But where did the reports come from?

By Reiss Smith

Conspiracy theorists suggested that the presidential nominee may have succumbed to pneumonia after she collapsed at a 9/11 memorial event in New York.

New York station WABC TV confirmed that Joe Torres had meant to say “health” instead of “death”.

A spokesman said: “It was clear from the context of the story, the reporters’ information and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering.”

Shortly after the on-air slip, an image began to circulate on Twitter which appeared to show a webpage confirming Mrs Clinton’s passing.

A dubious article, purportedly run by ABC News, carried the headline “Hillary Clinton reported to have died under hospital treatment at Montefiore Medical Hospital”. It added “Democrats in disagreement over procedures of renomination”.

The webpage is nowhere to be found on the ABC News website, leading to conclusions that the article was in fact a hoax.

A string of bizarre conspiracy theories have surrounded Mrs Clinton since her knees buckled and she was helped into a van at the event on September 11.

She was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s New York apartment to recuperate, and later emerged to tell reporters she was “feeling great”.

Twitter users claimed that the 68-year-old had employed a body double, pointing to apparent differences in her appearance before and after she visited her daughter’s home.

A doctor later revealed that Mrs Clinton was suffering from pneumonia, leading to speculation that she would bow out of the presidential race. There were reports of an “emergency DNC meeting to consider a replacement”.

The former First Lady is set to resume her campaign tomorrow after her husband Bill filled in for her at a fundraising event in California.



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