WWE: Is The New Day Close to its End?


by Sarah Hirsch

It is said that all good things must come to an end.  Is that the case with The New Day?

Without a doubt, The New Day has been a feel-good success story that not many could achieve.  Three men were paired up in a stable with so much as a silly gimmick that was destined to fail.  Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E all were in desperate need of direction in WWE, and at first, it had gone from bad to worse.  Fans shook their heads at the gospel-themed trio took the “Power of Positivity” approach and overall were just not having The New Day.

New Day then turned heel, and over the next several months, magic happened.  The stable found their chemistry, their niche together.  The men embraced their gimmick; they became their gimmick.  They found a way to make what was supposed to fail work.  Week after week, they started winning fans over by just being themselves.  You could see it in their faces, they were having fun.  So when the face turn happened, it exploded.

In the midst of their run as a stable, The New Day captured the WWE Tag Team Championship not once, but twice.  Their second reign has been historical, nearing 390 days as of this writing.  They broke the longest Tag Team Championship reign back in July, a record that hadn’t been broken in almost ten years.

The three men have redefined “comeback” and have taken full advantage of this stable since it began.  From successful Championship reigns, record-breaking merchandise and even their own cereal, is there anything else that New Day hasn’t done?  Has the gimmick run its course?  They have suffered non-title losses in the past but now will their luck run out?  These are the questions I was asking myself during Raw this past Monday.

Enter The Club.  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come to the WWE with a storied NJPW background.  Similar to The New Day, Gallows redefined his career in New Japan as part of The Bullet Club.  While they have yet to taste tag team gold, they are very capable of dethroning The New Day.  Monday’s loss proved that, and when The New Day does lose the Tag Team Championships where will they go from here?  They have battled it out with the best of what WWE had to offer them.  The New Day overcame The Wyatt Family, which was the first time that the team came close to falling apart.  The Club seems to have New Day’s number, from taking out Big E to the loss on Monday.  Next step is the WWE Tag Team Championships.

With how massively popular The New Day has become, when the split happens it won’t happen quietly.  Could The Club be the reason why?  Or will The New Day still have steam left in them to keep the stable alive?  No doubt the team is one of the biggest stables in this generation.  Could they stand next to The Shield as one of the most popular factions?  Absolutely.  While many fans don’t want to see The New Day end, perhaps we might need to start thinking about it now.  If The Shield could fall apart and break our hearts, it will happen with Woods, Kingston, and Big E.



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