Amy Schumer wears Vivienne Westwood and an ‘OB Tampon’ to Emmys 2016


Amy Croffey

Amy Schumer has never been down with sexist nonsense, and Sunday night on the Emmys 2016 red carpet in Los Angeles was no different.

Responding to the often asked, out-dated question “what are you wearing?” by E!‘s Giuliana Rancic, the Trainwreck star responded: “Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes and an OB Tampon.”

Rancic could not hide her shock at Schumer’s menstrual humour and looked as if she might die right on the spot, but Schumer did not give a damn and danced in celebration alongside her sister and Inside Amy Schumer writer Kim Caramele.

The sisters were matching in similar Vivienne Westwood black gowns and hairstyles, which may or may not be another joke aimed at the red carpet.

When Rancic regained consciousness, all she could muster was an “I love you”.

Twitter loved the zinger, and responded accordingly.

“Amy Schumer breaking period taboo by giving a shout out to her tampon when asked what she’s wearing,” one wrote, while another added: “Amy Schumer just told everyone she’s wearing a tampon – relatable kween.”

“Who are u wearing? “Vivienne Westwood. Tom Ford shoes and an OB tampon”. Amy Schumer gives best answer to dumbest question,” another said.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should send Rancic the “#AskHerMore” handbook.

Schumer is up for a whopping six awards at the 68th annual Emmy Awards, and if she wins the trophy will act as a nice new addition to her laundry room.

“[I keep my awards] in my laundry room because I’m friends with all comedians and they keep you really humble. Nobody wants to walk in and see your trophies. They would throw them in the trash. Yeah, they’re a mean group,” she said.



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