Seven Things That Can Make or Break Your Relationship


No matter how healthy a relationship is, it has to go through some tough times. There are things which can either bring the couple close together or pull them apart. With the passage of time, when you go deeper into your relationship, you find some new revelations about your significant other. You also have disagreements. It might make your relationship worse or grow a deeper connection between both of you. Here are seven things that can either make you fall deeper in love or break everything if handled wrongly.


Treating your partner with respect is the best thing you can do. Never talk bad about your partner to others. If you are having problems with your partner, talk to them instead of announcing it in front of the world. It might make your partner feel humiliated, and they will lose all respect for you. Always remember that the right person you should talk about your issues with is the person you are having issues with.

Focus on the little things

It is not necessary that the things which are important to your partner are important to you too. However, it is important that you take some time out to pay attention to the things your partner likes. Spend some time together doing the activities which you may not consider important but are dear to your partner.

Make time for intimacy

Always take some time out for intimacy. Lack of intimacy in a relationship leads to a lifeless relationship, which can lead to both partners breaking the relationship than finding reasons to stay together.

Listen attentively

Don’t pretend to be listening while watching TV or checking your phone. It discourages your partner and can damage your relationship. A relationship requires attentive listening when your partner is talking to you. Give them respect by showing them you are listening to what they are saying.

Love yourself

To make a relationship successful, you should love yourself. Being happy with your life and yourself can do wonders. People who are not happy by themselves and blame their partners for not keeping them happy cannot stay long in a relationship.

Go to events

If you or your partner do not like to go to each other’s family events, official events, or other sorts of events, it might break your relationship gradually. Maybe you want your partner to go with you to a friend’s party, but they denied because you didn’t go with them to their family’s party. It will create grudges, and grudges break relationships. Always take out some time to go with your partner and enjoy with them.

Celebrate each other

Celebrate things together brings more happiness in your relationship like birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, and every small or big thing that can bring contentment in your life. If you don’t celebrate happy moments with your significant other, there are chances that your love life might become dull, and both of you might start losing interest in it.



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