Attention, Harry Potter fans: 4 Privet Drive is up for sale


Complete with the cupboard under the stairs!

by Stefanie Gerdes

The house where Harry Potter lived in possibly the world’s most famous cupboard has gone on sale.

It’s in the Buckinghamshire town of Bracknell, rather than the made-up town of Little Whinging, and the real world address is Picket Post Close rather than 4 Privet Drive, but it’s still a piece of (literal) Hollywood magic.

Externally, there’s no difference to the house fans first saw as the Dursley family home on the silver screen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

It’s the same quiet road, the same familiar, brown-brick façade, brown front door and the same garage seen over the course of the movies.

But step inside and, thankfully, you won’t be confronted with aunt Petunia’s somewhat eclectic taste in interiors, or her apparent preference for what JK Rowling called ‘un-magical colors’ – peach and salmon pink, to name but two.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here’s a reminder:

Instead, the current owners have done the property up, exchanging frilly lampshades, pattern-clashing wallpapers and lurid colors for more modern furnishings and decorations.

There is some purple to be found in the master bedroom, and the living room’s feature wall is an airy light blue, but apart from that, it’s all cream walls.

Just like in the film, the house comes with the exact number of bedrooms needed for a happily married couple and their over-indulged, or some may say spoiled, son: three.

One for mum and dad and two for the son, who might give one up when family comes to visit.

And just like in the movie, the house’s most prominent feature is, of course, still in existence.

Under the stairs, a door opens into the broom cupboard where Harry Potter so famously grew up – until the Dursleys, afraid of Harry’s new magical powers, gave him their son’s second bedroom – the smaller one, of course.

It’s unknown whether there is enough space for a child in there, but with a master bedroom with en-suite access and two further bedrooms, there is more than enough space for a happy childhood on the first floor.

Although it was only used for the first film, with the street and house recreated in the studio afterwards due to space restrictions, it’s a piece of Hollywood, just an hour outside London.

Sold through Chancellors, Harry Potter’s childhood home clocks in at £475,000.



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