Syrian opposition releases footage of famous Israeli spy’s execution in Damascus


New footage of famed Egyptian-Israeli Mossad agent Eli Cohen’s 1965 hanging in downtown Damascus has been released by members of the Syrian opposition, according to Israeli media.

The dated, yet seemingly authentic footage, shows a large crowd gathered around the hanging body of Cohen in one of Damascus’ picturesque squares. His body is draped with papers that list his crimes against the state.

According to Arabic-language Israeli news website Al-Masdar, the footage was captured during the war by members of the Syrian opposition who then transferred the tape to Mendi Safadi, a Druze political activist with strong ties to Syrian oppositionists.

Cohen was Israel’s “Man in Damascus” during the early 1960’s. Born to Jewish parents in Egypt in 1924 before immigrating to Israel in 1949, Cohen is considered to be one of the country’s most famous and decorated spies to this day. Before his discovery and execution in 1964, he transferred critical intelligence about the Syrian military to Israel from his apartment in Damascus.

Famously, he travelled to the Golan Heights several times and memorized the locations of Syrian gun emplacements and fortifications, contributing to Israel’s quick takeover of the area during the Six Day War in 1967.



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