Syrian sappers demining liberated district of Aleppo


ALEPPO, September 26. /TASS/. Sappers in Aleppo are examining residential headquarters in the Ramouseh district which was liberated by the Syrian army three weeks ago as retreating militants left multiple mines here. Specialists note that self-made bombs of custom design are the most complicated.

“This is a self-made mine on a so-called stretch. It will explode not only if you tear the stretch but also if you even pull it. That’s why we destroy those at the spot,” Adnan Qasem from the Syrian government forces said when showing an explosive device he found near the entrance to what used to be a market.

Another self-made explosive device with a capacity of 0.5 kg of TNT was disguised as a tape recorder and equipped with a radio-controlled detonator. Militants use such devices to carry out terrorist attacks. Sappers carefully extracted the device and exploded it at a nearest wasteland. Sappers note that over the years of war, they have already learned the main methods of militants’ work and design of their self-made explosive devices.

Humanitarian cargoes with food and medicine go to Aleppo through Ramouseh. The Syrian army is trying to oust all militants as far as possible and ensure the security of the region.

“Militants shell us every day. A shell fell near the checkpoint just yesterday. We managed to avoid casualties only thanks to the fact that it did not explode. We blocked the road and exploded it. There are still many mines around, so sappers will have a lot of work. We are trying to demine the region as fast as possible, so that people can return here,” Rami Hasun, head of the local checkpoint said.

On Sunday, the Syrian army liberated the settlement of Handarat near Aleppo. However, militants continue to deliver airstrikes at Aleppo’s residential headquarters, and the intensity of shellings has increased by at least two times lately, the Syrian forces said.




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