ISIS crushes own men with BULLDOZER as punishment for fleeing battlefield


MONSTROUS jihadis crushed their OWN soldiers using a gigantic BULLDOZER after they fled the battlefield.

By Henry Holloway

ISIS militants fled from as the US-backed coalition troops liberated the town of Sharqat, but were captured by warlords disgusted with their cowardice.

Furious jihadi commanders decided to turn the men into a sick example and ordered their public execution using the bulldozer.

Advancing Iraqi Army troops are forcing the cult back towards their final stronghold in the war-torn country as they are bearing down on Mosul.

ISIS monsters chained the men’s hands and legs and laid them in a public square in the soon-to-be sieged city.

Fellow jihadis and Mosul residents lined the square are watched the brutal killing, with warlords hoping it will show them what happens to deserters.

Some of the victims were foreign fighters, according to reports from al-Sumaria News.

Mosul could be the final battleground for ISIS in Iraq, with desperate jihadis facing a huge assault from coalition forces in October.

Terrorist fighters have been digging massive trenches they plan to fill with burning oil in preparation for the attack.

The ISIS commander of the Sharqat region was revealed to have been captured by Iraqi forces while attempting to flee the town dressed as a woman.

Abur Bakr al-Baghdadi, the mysterious leader of ISIS, was also spotted in the city under heavy armed guard.

Hillary Clinton – who last night waged a war of words with Donald Trump in the first presidential debate – said the capture of al-Baghdadi could be the end of ISIS.

Cultists are also being hunted by mysterious death squads within the city as they are gunned down in broad daylight and have their headquarters burned.



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