Nine districts of Syria’s Aleppo under shelling by militants


ALEPPO, September 27. /TASS/. Nine districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo are currently under intensive shelling by militants, and dozens of injured people are taken to hospital every day, a TASS correspondent reported from the scene.

Most residents of Dahiya al-Asad neighborhood have long ago fled the dangerous area while several families decided to stay no matter what. “Militants regularly shell us. We are living in constant danger and praying every day that the Syrian army maintains its defense. I have three daughters, and the most difficult thing is to make them go down to the basement. Children got used to shellings and lost the sense of danger,” local resident Hiba al-Asadi said.

The units of Syrian army repel two or three attacks every day in this district. Servicemen open response fire at terrorist positions from where the artillery indiscriminately strikes at residential houses of civilians. “Militants know very well that people live here, but this does not stop them. A missile recently hit a residential house with a family with many kids. Three people died as a result,” Syrian servicemen Tariq said.

Another shell fell on the roof of a school in Hamdayniya where 1,500 children study but failed to explode. Pupils were evacuated from the building, and sappers were called. “It was a 120mm caliber mine. If it had exploded, children would have died. However, the detonator failed to work at the fall. But you should still hide in the shelter as it is very dangerous here – a shell can explode any second,” Muhammad Helyu from the Syrian army warned.

In order to preserve the building of the school, sappers do not explode the shell at the spot but rather take it out with a very high risk. Pupils that gathered near the entrance chant a slogan very popular in Syria – “People and army are one!” The shell will be destroyed by sappers at a special training range. They are leaving the school, watched by amazed children. “Of course, we are very scared – militants constantly shell the school. But we continue to work, we will not let terrorists to intimidate us,” the school’s administration said.




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