Jamie Oliver’s paella recipe is panned online


British chef Jamie Oliver has posted his version of paella online, although it seems unlikely many Spaniards will be reaching for their pans soon.

“Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than paella. My version combines chicken thighs & chorizo,” he tweeted.

An “abomination” wrote one user. “That thing ain’t paella,” wrote another, with the inclusion of chorizo proving particularly controversial.

He has previously drawn flak for his take on West African dish Jollof rice.

There are countless recipes for paella, which originates in Valencia and involves rice plus ingredients such as rabbit, seafood, snails and artichokes.

But traditionalists have very clear ideas about what should and shouldn’t go into it.

“The abuses committed in the name of Paella Valenciana, are excessive – an authentic scandal,” Catalan author Josep Pla once wrote.

The website Wikipaella, which aims to promote authentic paella, lists golden rules for the dish, including only using Spanish rice. And chorizo is definitely a no-no.



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