Lena Dunham hopes the era of TV shows about four white girls is over


Jenny Noyes
With the final series of Girls about to hit screens, some people are getting teary about the end of this era. Others, not so much. And Lena Dunham totally respects that.

Speaking on New York radio show The Breakfast Club, Dunham addressed the criticism her show has received over the years, saying she agrees with a lot of it – particularly about the show’s lack of racial diversity.

“I think everyone’s criticism about Girls was totally valid,” Dunham said.

Asked if she’s “made up for it” since the initial controversy in the show’s early days, Dunham said that if she can “support female voices of colour the way our voices have been supported,” that will be when she’s making up for it. And that’s what she’s trying to do with her Lenny newsletter and production company.

Dunham says she’s excited to see shows like the upcoming HBO series Insecure by, and starring, Issa Rae – and it’s projects like these she’d like to be able to support in future.

“It doesn’t need to be my voice telling the story of a black woman’s New York experience, it needs to be Issa getting to go deep and go personal about what it feels like to be a young black woman dating in Los Angeles right now.”

Dunham said at the age of 23 when she started writing Girls, she thinks she wouldn’t have been equipped to write about the experience of a young black woman in Brooklyn “from a place of accuracy, and passion and understanding”.

Instead, the half-Jewish, half-Christian wrote two Jews and two Christians. “It was so close to home for me, I wrote all these characters who were all in some way an extension of myself.

But: “Looking back, I don’t ever want to see another poster that’s four white girls. I don’t think we need to live in a world that’s four white girls.”



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