Two New Playboy Videos Of Donald Trump Have Been Uncovered


Josh Teal in  funny

CNN has dug out two more Playboy releases featuring Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In the videos, Trump can be seen photographing models as well as conducting an interview for Playboy’s 40th anniversary Playmate search.

It follows last week’s uncovering of a 2000 Playboy video featuring Trump as an ‘entrepreneur’ welcoming Playmates to New York City. He can be seen opening a bottle of champagne and pouring it over a limo decorated with the Playboy bunny logo.

CNN says the presidential candidate is not involved in any nudity scenes, though there are scenes in the VHS with “nude women seductively rubbing themselves in different scenarios.”

I’m no Trump fan lads, but are these leaks supposed to damage his campaign? Hanging out with Playboy models in NYC and smashing champagne bottles on limos is definitely the type of person who could sway my vote if I were American.



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