Massive Putin banner captioned “peacemaker” appears in New York


© Nathan Tempey/ via AP

NEW YORK, October 7. /TASS/. A massive banner depicting Russian president Vladimir Putin and captioned “peacemaker” was draped along the side of the Manhattan Bridge, NYPD spokesperson Michael DeBonis confirmed to TASS.

According to DeBonis, the portrait was removed by police officers. “I do not know exactly how long it was there, but not particularly long,” he said. “We do not know who did it. No arrests have been made,” DeBonis added. He declined to say whether the authorities in New York regard it as a crime or an administrative violation.

The banner featured the Russian leader in a suit and tie against the backdrop of the country’s flag along with the word “peacemaker” written at the bottom. Two green five-pointed stars on a white background are also visible, similar to those present in the flag of Syria.

President Vladimir Putin turns 64 on Friday, October 7. On this day, he will not hold public events and will celebrate with friends and relatives. “The president has not scheduled any public events. At the same time, there will be international calls, congratulations – this way, some substantive issues will be discussed – heads of state always do that, never limiting their conversations to discussing holidays,” Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.




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