Daniel Ricciardo and Gerard Butler’s ‘shoey’ at US GP


Lewis Hamilton may have topped the podium in the US Grand Prix, but it was Daniel Ricciardo’s “shoey” stunt that was the centre of attention.

The Aussie has performed his signature celebration three times this season, sculling champagne from his own shoe.

Celebrating his third place finish, the driver indoctrinated Scottish actor Gerard Butler into the tradition.

The London Has Fallen star was cheered on as he swigged an energy drink out of Ricciardo’s racing boot.

Ricciardo later share a photo on Instagram of himself behind the scenes with actor who appeared unimpressed with the aftertaste.

“What a good sport this man was. Thanks for jumping on the shoey Mr Butler,” Ricciardo wrote.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the shoe had been autographed, apparently by Butler, with a firm expletive.

The shoey-as-celebration has grown in popularity on the motorsport circuit.

Ricciardo pressured former F1 star Mark Webber into the post-race celebration and MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi has also gotten in on the action.

And fans have joined in too at their own peril. Nine Australian tourists – branded the “Budgie Nine” were arrested at the Malaysia Grand Prix after stripping off and drinking beer out of their shoes.

Speaking at a news conference in Singapore in September, Ricciardo revealed that although he has popularised the unorthodox celebration, he couldn’t take credit for inventing it.

“As far as I know I started it in F1 but not worldwide,” Ricciardo said.

“It was a few loose Aussies, from what I saw, the Mad Hueys – they’re surfies and fisherman and just loose guys. They travel the world fishing, surfing and whatever and they like to drink a bit of beer and whatnot, and that’s where the shoey began.

“On their travels they’d get people to do it as well and it’s just a bit of a laugh.”


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