Analyst says Russian airstrikes in Syria cause 70% slump in militants’ oil trafficking


(TASS) Russia’s airstrikes in Syria have caused a 70% slump in militants’ trafficking of crude oil and oil products, the science doyen of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Oriental Studies Institute, Vitaly Naumkin, said on Wednesday.

“More than 300 facilities involved in the illegal production and transportation of oil and oil products have been eliminated (by Russia’s aerospace group),” said Naumkin, a senior political adviser to the UN Secretary General’s envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura.

According to his estimates, the amount of oil products the militants produce to keep the Islamic State (terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) going has been down by 70%.

“Who else has achieved a result like this?” he asked, adding that the statistics illustrating the effectiveness of the Russian air group’s operation were a product of the Oriental Studies Institute’s own research.


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