ISIS executes 50 militants of its own in Mosul



(AhlulBayt News Agency) – ISIS has reportedly executed 50 members of its own in Mosul, northern Iraq, after charging them with treason.

According to local sources, the executions took place in the recent days in Ghazlani military base, west of Mosul.

The Shari’a curt of the terrorist group charged the militants with treason after they allegedly escaped the battlefield around the city.

There are unconfirmed reports indicating that the executed insurgents had been forced into the military activities to fight for ISIS and against Iraqi forces.

A joint military front has recently been set by Erbil and Baghdad to defeat IS militants inside their main Iraqi bastion, Mosul. The advances towards the city appears to be putting the extremists under pressure.

Previously, the UN and local officials in northern Iraq confirmed that IS has executed nearly 300 people in the areas under its control near Mosul for denying to fight for the group.



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