‘Two years of hell’ ISIS sex slave reveals torture at hands of jihadi fighters


A YOUNG woman who was held as ISIS sex slave for more than two years has revealed how she was bought and sold like an animal.

By Nicole Stinson

Gazal – a 22-year-old Yazidi – spent 27 months as an ISIS sex slave before she was rescued last Thursday.

Gazal and her husband’s family were captured by the terror cult in August 2014 after jihadis seized their home town of Sinjar, in Iraq.

However Gazal was separated from her family after an Arab governor – known as a Wali – took her to be his sex slave.

Gazal said: “The Wali said I must marry him but I refused, so he took my son and I didn’t see him for two days.

“He started torturing me, and so I had no option but to marry him.

“Only it wasn’t a real marriage. There was no contract, no real ceremony.

“It was just rape.

“The Wali gave me so many birth control pills my kidneys hurt.”

She added: “I was forced to be a Muslim [and] to pray five times a day.”

After five months Gazal said she “became hopeless” and was sold “cheaply” to another ISIS fighter.

Her buyer Batar – 28-year-old man originally from Jordan – took her to Mosul where she continued as his “sex tool” and full-time “maid”.

She was beaten by Batar and his Sunni wife, Sadr, until the man became tired of her and decided to sell her.

Batar told Gazal to find someone willing to buy her for £20,400 and gave her his phone.

Instead she contacted her brother – who with the help of the Kurdistan Regional Government – paid the money for Gazal and her son’s return.

Last Thursday, she was reunited with her family – including her five-year-old daughter, Darin who had been in the care of Gazal’s sister-in-law Basima.

The pair had been separated after Darin had been used to hide her 17-year-old aunt’s virginity from ISIS fighters by pretending to be her daughter.

Basima – who was also tortured by the jihadis before she was rescued last year – added: “In the middle of the night, the ISIS men were coming in and demanding to know who was still a virgin.

“In front of everybody, hundreds, they touched us everywhere [and] sexually abused us.

“My father and brother had to watch and that was the last I saw of them.”

She added: “Our only hope is that we get back our father and brother and that maybe someone will help us.”



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