WikiLeaks reveals stumped Clinton camp: ‘No idea of how to lift her up’ politically


By Douglas Ernst – The Washington Times

Stolen documents belonging to Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta show the man racking his brain for ways to politically “lift her up” in early January.

A recent batch of WikiLeaks documents includes a somber exchange in early 2016 between Morgan Stanley vice chairman Tom Nides and Mr. Podesta. Mrs. Clinton’s presidential hopes at the time were in question due to the surging popularity of Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders.

“How goes it,” Mr. Nides, a Clinton bundler, asked Jan. 22.

“I’m down. Our team is all tactics and has no idea of how to lift her up,” Mr. Podesta responded, the Daily Caller reported Saturday.

“This was bound to happen,” Mr. Nides wrote back. “We are lucky Sanders will not last. Assuming she losses [sic] both she bounces back with ‘fighter’ Hillary. How many times have we seen this movie?”

Mrs. Clinton went on in early June to clinch the required 2,383 delegates needed to secure her party’s presidential nomination, but not before a bruising political fight with Mr. Sanders. The contest even saw former Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resign after WikiLeaks documents showed the organization’s efforts to undermine Mr. Sanders‘ campaign.

“Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish [the DNC’s] goals is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention,” Ms. Wasserman Schultz wrote in a statement released July 24.

Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, which has vowed to publish 50,000 of Mr. Podesta’s emails prior to the Nov. 8 presidential election, suffered a Denial of Service attack (DoS) early Monday morning, shortly after releasing another round of hacked DNC emails.



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