Trump supporter arrested for voting twice


A supporter of US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been apprehended over trying to vote for his favorite candidate a second time.

The person, identified as Phillip Cook, was arrested in the US state of Texas on Tuesday and is allegedly an employee of Trump’s campaign.

The 62-year-old man claimed that he was working for the Republican nominee and was only trying to “test the system,” according to the sheriff’s office in Fort Bend County.

“Officials said poll workers noticed that Cook appeared to have already voted, and thought that it may have been a mistake in the roll. However, when poll workers confronted him about the problem, he admitted that he was trying to vote twice to test the system,” the report said.

The news comes as the Republican nominee has repeatedly accused the US government and the mainstream media of “rigging” the presidential election.

Trump has also rejected opinion polls as fabricated by media outlets and organizations which want to elect his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as president at any cost.

The New York businessman has been under criticism over his inflammatory remarks and policy proposals such as temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country and building a wall along the US-Mexican border.


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