Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to ‘form alliance to end ISIS once and for all’


BEST buddies Vladimir Putin and new US President Donald Trump will form an alliance to destroy ISIS for good.

By Henry Holloway

Frosty US-Russia relations are set to thaw as Moscow supremo Putin welcomed the shock election winner with open arms with hopes to bring the superpowers’ relationship back from the “brink of crisis”.

The new-found chums could be set to turn their nations’ guns away from each other, and instead point them towards monstrous jihadi death cult ISIS.

Trump previously announced one of his first decrees as president would be give his generals 30 days to develop a plan to beat the death cult.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, British military chief Admiral Lord West, former First Sea Lord, predicted the US and Russia would have more joined-up thinking on defeating ISIS.

He said Trump would most likely lead the US to taking a step back over Syria – a war zone over which Barack Obama’s administration and the Kremlin have been at loggerheads over accusations of “war crimes”.

The Falklands War veteran envisioned Trump and Putin would find common ground and step up military operations against ISIS.

Trump had previously accused defeated rival of Hillary Clinton of being set to spark World War 3 over Syria.

Appearing at rallies before his election victory, Trump said Russia would be a valuable ally in busting ISIS.

Speaking in Nevada, Trump said: “I will say if we get along with Russia and Russia went out with us and knocked the hell out of ISIS, that’s okay with me.”

Russian bombing campaigns against the death cult have taken a back seat as the superpowers feuded over the Syrian Civil War – a confrontation politicians warned could spill out into “global war”.

Putin’s war fleet is currently lingering off Syria amid fears it could launch a crushing offensive on devastated city Aleppo, but the Kremlin insists the five warship and three submarine-strong battle group is going to tackle ISIS.

Admiral Lord West said while Trump’s election was a “surprise” it was too early to tell what he would mean for global security – previously warning this website “war is coming, and Britain is not ready”.

The top military man added he believed Trump would not roll back the US’s commitment to NATO as he had threatened, but would encourage European nations to pump more into their defence budgets.

However, he said Trump might expect Europe’s help if tensions flare between the US and China in the disputed South China Sea.





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