Filmmaker Michael Moore on Democratic Party officials: ‘They all have to go’


By Bradford Richardson – The Washington Times

In the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning election victory, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore says the Democratic National Convention needs a “clean sweep” and is calling for the establishment to make way for the party’s more progressive wing.

“My sincere hope is that the DNC, that there is a clean sweep in this party. They all have to go,” Mr. Moore said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And they have to make room for the progressive Democrats, who are going to come in here, are going to be needed to fight the things that Trump is going to do to the people of this country and the world.”

He said the vision articulated by Democratic primary runner-up Bernard Sanders represents the party’s future.

“Clearly people wanted change, I think everybody’s admitted that, and clearly Bernie Sanders represented that,” he said.

Asked for his pick of who should head the DNC, Mr. Moore threw his weight behind Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. He said America’s changing demographics make the need for a more diverse party apparatus imperative.

“Keith Ellison. That is the exact way to go,” the filmmaker said. “That is the future. The fear that I think a lot of white voters have is that they know the truth, which is that, as the Census Bureau says, before 2050 white people are going to be the minority in this country.”

   “That’s the new America, and we need to have a party that’s going to represent the majority here in the future, and not the past,” he said.



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