When it comes to lipstick is blue the new red?


Stephanie Darling

Tracing beauty trends that will end up sticking around can be a lottery. When blue lipstick first hit the streets on the lips of Kylie Jenner in June this year, (who of course was promoting her own lipstick line, Kylie Cosmetics), the jury was certainly out. But as with so many beauty looks that at the time might seem outlandish and reserved for celebrities’ social media, this unconventional one has kind of grown on us. And it looks like the blue bullet winter shade will continue its dominance into the warmer months through to festival season.

The consummate businesswoman, Jenner had strategically nestled Majesty in among her sell-out lip line featuring her highly desirable neutrals as well as a hot black shade. Metal Matte Majesty is officially dubbed an iridescent black with blue undertones.


Celebrities have kept the colour code alive all year, with Rihanna rocking indigo lipstick at a Spring New York Fashion week party, and Olivia Palermo, who wore a chic navy lip at Dior’s Spring Paris Fashion Week show, proving that blue is wearable in real life for various skin tones – it all comes down the right preparation and application.

Lip prep

As with all striking matte lipsticks, lips need to be mirror smooth, so exfoliate them first. Try mixing some sugar with olive oil and honey, and gently massaging your lips with it for couple of minutes. Rinse off and apply a soothing lip balm. Apply a cream-based highlighter on to the lips; this helps accentuate the lip shape and prevent the intense colour from bleeding because, just like red lippy, no one wants blue on their teeth.

How to actually wear it

In this instance, the golden beauty rule of playing up one feature at time applies – big time. Start with a dewy foundation base on your face and keep your eye make-up non-existent.

Two coats of mascara are all you need with these look-at-me lips. For such a bold colour, the focus must be on the lips, so keep your other makeup simple.

For beginners, start out light by applying concealer over your entire lip to create a flawless base, then just dab the blue lipstick lightly on your lips with your fingers; sometimes all you need is the barest hint of colour. For the vampire version, apply a navy liner and then use a lip brush to work the colour intensity up.



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