Islamic State leaders instruct depraved jihadis to SPARE US-led coalition planes in Mosul


ISLAMIC State leaders have been instructing their fighters to refrain from attacking US-led coalition planes in Mosul, a top secret document reveals.

By Aletha Adu

The US began its bombing campaign to free Mosul from ISIS last month

Abu Muawia, a Mosul ISIS leader, who wrote the decree for jihadis said it is “strictly forbidden” to attack the flying planes, in all circumstances.

It reads: “It is strictly forbidden to shoot down, using any weapons whatsoever, any aircraft that is in the air, no matter what height they are flying at, even if the aircraft lands on the rooftop of houses.”

The Nineveh Plain Protection Units, a military group full of Assyrian Christian soldiers, discovered the top secret document within an ISIS “mobilisation centre” in the middle of the recently-liberated Iraqi city of Bakhdidi, 32km south east of ISIS-controlled city, Mosul.

Such centres are used by the fighters to control the local population and train new recruits.

Battle for Mosul

Photographs were filtered by Sputnik Arabic journalists, who claimed US planes are constantly accused of blasting the Iraq military and supplying ISIS with “aid”.

A source told Sputnik: “It should be noted, that the competency to conduct airstrikes against Daesh in the Nineveh region lies [strictly] with planes of the international coalition led by the United States, which has repeatedly been accused of airstrikes on forces of the People’s Militia and the Iraqi military.

“Dropping humanitarian and military aid which has ended up in Daesh’s hands.”

The US and it’s allies began a bombing campaign in and around Mosul last month to target ISIS, after the Haider Abadi, the Iraqi Prime Minister announced his own policy to free the northern city.

Hours after Donald Trump’s momentous election victory, Vladimir Putin and the President Elect enjoyed a heart warming conversation during which the pair agreed to work on their relationship, which started afresh as Putin “warmly welcomed” Trumps triumph. 

The leaders promised to join forces and defeat ISIS together because they have a similar outlook on foreign policy. 



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