Three killed, 13 workers trapped in copper mine landslide in Turkey’s Siirt


Some 13 workers were trapped in a copper mine in Turkey’s southeastern province of Siirt on late Nov. 17 after it was hit by a landslide that killed at least three people, a statement by the local governor’s office said. 
The landslide occurred in the Sirvan district of Siirt during work at a privately-owned mine. The dead body of one worker had been retrieved and two more bodies have been located, it added. 

The landslide was believed to have been caused by heavy rain but an investigation was continuing while rescue teams from across the region took part in the operation, the statement said.
Workplace accidents are not rare in Turkey. Its rapid growth over the past decade has seen a construction boom and a scramble to meet soaring energy and commodities demand, with worker safety standards often failing to keep pace.
Its safety record in mining, particularly coal, has been poor for decades, with its deadliest accident in May 2014 when an explosion killed 301 workers in the western province of Soma.


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