Five beauty rules that are crying out to be broken


Natalie Reilly

2016, what a terrible year you’ve been. As if Prince and David Bowie weren’t enough, you took away Leonard Cohen? Should I even mention the US election?

It seems almost blasphemous to talk about beauty at such a time as this. But, sometimes, a little frivolity can provide a great escape. Remember the ‘Lipstick Effect‘? It’s a paper, based on five different studies, that suggests that when there’s an economic downturn, women turn to beauty products. Is that silly? I don’t know. Sounds more like a gentle and, no doubt, cheap pick-me-up if you ask me. All right. So. The economic future is uncertain and the world is all mixed up right now. Well, here’s a little list of suggestions on how to take those old reliable beauty staples and give them a different job title. This is more than just breaking beauty’s rules – I mean, we know you can wear a strong eye with a bold lip, we’re not morons. This is a teeny tiny breaking of beauty chains, because nobody – nobody – should tell women what to do.

  1. Mascara is only for your eyes

We all know that mascara can be applied to your bottom lashes as well as your top ones, not only is it on-trend, it’s eye-opening enough to flatter everyone. Well. Mascara can also be used to cover grey hairs, and, because it’s a waxy substance, it actually holds your hair into place. Clinique are the masters of mascara and they have a wand for every type of lash. I recommend their latest, Lash Power Flutter-to-full mascara – for obvious reasons. It’s great on lashes and should be used on hair for emergency use only. But these are the times we are living in.

  1. Lock in your moisturiser

Beauty lore states that creme must be applied immediately after exiting the shower or bath to ‘lock in’ moisture – a term, which, given the present climate, sounds particularly oppressive. Besides, how are you supposed to put jeans on? And when? A far better alternative is to apply moisturiser seconds before you hop in the shower or bath, and that way, when you shave, you have a built-in lubricant. Try Aveda’s Beautifying Body Moisturiser, only because it’s super smooth and smells great.

  1. Apply concealer on top of your foundation

Apparently, you’re meant to always apply concealer on top of your foundation – and make it a shade lighter. But, for those of us not holding Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube, the results can be less than smooth. So, I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly acceptable to apply your concealer underneath your tinted moisturiser. You don’t even have to make it a shade lighter, because we all know that natural light isn’t everyone’s friend and can often make tiny things like that look garish and obvious. Laura Mercier is doing a fine job with a concealer called High Coverage, which also de-puffs.

  1. Face oil is strictly for the face

Yeah but nah. I always accidentally put on too much so it goes on my hands and even the ends of my hair. Try Dermalogica’s new one, Phyto Replenish Oil, which is packed with goodies to fight stress and ageing and has the sound of “fight” in it so that’s slightly uplifting.

  1. Don’t sleep in makeup
  2. So it’s probably not a great idea to go to bed with a face full of foundation. Although, come on, exactly how much foundation is left at the end of the night anyway? Hardly any. But if you do happen to fall asleep with makeup on I can tell you that if you applied kohl eyeliner and or eye shadow you can expect to wake up with it smudged. And you know something? That’s awesome! It’s the easiest way to ‘achieve’ the smoky eye. Just grab a face wipe to tidy it up a bit, (no need to ‘cleanse or ‘tone’ every morning – that’s another rule you can leave behind) and what do you know, your liner is now not on your cheek, and you’re good to go! 



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