Celebrities speak out, join thousands protesting against Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’


Jenny Noyes

As thousands of Americans flooded airports in the wake of President Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ – which prohibits entry to the US for citizens of seven predominantly-Muslim countries – celebrities have joined in the protests both on the ground and online.

Filmmaker Michael Moore was in the thick of the demonstration at JFK airport, using his considerable social media presence to broadcast the scene and also encourage others to follow him. 

And follow they did. 

By the end of the night, more than 9 million people had tuned in to his Facebook Live broadcast, Moore tweeted. 

He wasn’t the only celebrity using Twitter to speak out against the ban.

Seth Rogen also used his Twitter platform to direct followers to the LA demonstration, as did Chloe Grace Moretz, who went to LAX and tweeted video of the protest. 

Kim Kardashian decided to share some “statistics” with her Twitter followers.

Pop musicians Sia and Grimes let their followers know they would match donations to organisations fighting the ban. Sia promised to match donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) up to $100,000, while Grimes said she’d match up to $10,000 to the Council of American-Islamic relations.

Mark Ruffalo sent a shout-out to the taxi drivers of New York, who went on strike to join protesters at the airport. 

Ewan McGregor tweeted at Barack Obama looking for some hope. 

Alyssa Milano tweeted a photo of herself with her friend Alaa Mohammad Khaled, who is Muslim, the brother of DJ Khaled, and the son of Palestinian refugees. She also tweeted a pointed message to Donald Trump about American values. 

Miley Cyrus also tweeted her support for immigrants using the Statue of Liberty. As did comedian Cameron Esposito. 

Kerry Washington encouraged her followers to read up and remember what happened when the US rejected Jewish refugees, and Emmy Rossum pointed out that many of the Muslims being banned are fleeing terror in their home countries. 

And Rihanna let rip on the President and his supporters for “ruining” America. 

Hours after the protests began, the ACLU won its bid for Trump’s executive order to be stayed pending a legal challenge, allowing those currently detained in airports across the US with valid visa documents to be allowed into the country. 

However, with the issue far from resolved, protests are set to continue at airports and elsewhere. 



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