Dwyane Wade informs Bulls he’s picking up option


K.C. JohnsonContact Reporter-Chicago Tribune

When the Bulls and Dwyane Wade met on June 10 for his standard season-ending exit meeting, they didn’t formally ask him whether he’s exercising his $23.8 million player option to return next season out of respect for the process.

But the two sides talked about the possibilities for next year’s team, and the Bulls all along have prepared for Wade to opt in and planned their offseason numbers for the formality of his announcement.

Now it’s official.

Wade, according to two sources, officially told the Bulls he’ll use his option to return next season.

Wade did so during a period of widespread rumors on the future of Jimmy Butler. The Bulls continue to discuss trade options on Butler in advance of Thursday’s NBA draft.

One source said Wade all along planned to pick up his option regardless of what happens with Butler. Wade addressed this dynamic back on April 29.

“Jimmy is, you know, a huge component in me being here. You know, what’s his future like? But at the end of the day it is a me decision,” Wade said. “Everyone knows that Jimmy’s my guy, and I’m here because of our conversation [last summer]. But a lot of it depends on the whole big picture. Jimmy’s a big piece, but it’s a big picture as an organization.”

Wade did once say during the season that he wouldn’t love to be part of a rebuilding situation. But he also played the other side of the fence on April 29, the day after the Bulls’ season ended.

“I can be a part of passing down my knowledge to younger players. It’s either way,” Wade said. “Whatever I decide, I’m going to embrace whatever role I have on a team. That’s sometimes being the second option. Sometimes I’m going to be the first. And sometimes this season, I had to be the third or fourth. It all changes, and you want to be the best at whatever role is presented to you. I’ve always been that way. It won’t change. That will always be me.”


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