‘Angela’s Ashes’ show finds humour in gloom


Kirsty Blake Knox

‘Angela’s Ashes’ author Frank McCourt was once dubbed the “father of misery memoir”, but now his book has been turned into musical theatre.

Pat Moylan, producer of ‘Angela’s Ashes: The Musical’, says the book is filled with moments of hilarity. He believes the stage show will reflect this more than Alan Parker’s film.

Mr Moylan also points out that many musicals have depressing subject matter, saying it is “similar in many ways to ‘Blood Brothers'”.

“‘Oliver’ is another of those great musicals that comes from poverty, the same with ‘Annie’,” he said.

It will play at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from July 18-30 and will also be at Limerick’s Lime Tree Theatre from July 6-15.

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