Ukraine announces plans to toughen border control for Russian citizens


KIEV, /TASS/. Ukraine has announced plans to toughen border control for Russian citizens starting from January 1, 2018.

After a regular meeting of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council on Monday, its secretary Alexander Turchinov said all foreigners crossing the Ukrainian border will have to undergo biometrical control. “First of all, it will be applicable to Russian citizens,” he said, adding that Russians will be required to undergo obligatory fingerprinting procedure.
What is more, prior to visiting Ukraine, Russians will be required to obtain preliminary registration. “It means that a Russian national planning to visit Ukraine will have to be preliminary registered and submit required data to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry,” Turchinov explained.
Apart from that, according to Turchinov, all Russians who are already staying in Ukraine must obtain obligatory registration, i.e. to inform local authorities about the places of their sojourn.
He said that the relevant infrastructure will be commissioned by the beginning of the next year, or maybe earlier.


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