Macron urges France, Russia to do joint work


PARIS, July 13. /TASS/. France’s President Emmanuel Macron attaches huge importance to his country’s joint steps with Russia in the international arena, Macron said on Thursday after his talks with US President Donald Trump.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin and I had a lengthy conversation in Versailles. It was an important meeting,” Macron said. “We do not share the same views on many issues, but we need to do joint work, share information and look for solutions.”

“It is especially crucial amid the current situation that our countries cooperate on the issues related to the Middle East,” he said. “We need to share information, simultaneously discussing the differences in our positions and seeking to find solutions to existing problems.”

“That is my stance on Russia. It is worth pointing out that our relations with Russia are similar to those with the United States. Nevertheless, they are long-standing relations. Talks with Russia should be continued,” Macron added.



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