Here’s how laxative diets can work against you


To lose weight is not an easy process, especially if you have been struggling with your weight for years. Sometimes, to lose weight quickly, we end up taking routes that may hurt our body in the long run. Laxative diets are one such method of losing weight. But we should not judge a book by its cover right? Here’s see how laxative diets may hurt your body more than you think.

What are laxatives?
Laxatives are originally drugs that are meant for those suffering from constipation issues. Laxatives work in your large intestines, while the food is absorbed in your small intestine. When our diet lacks proper intake of vegetables and fruits with the required amount of roughage, we end up being constipated. Laxatives are ideally meant for people suffering with severe constipation, owing to a disease or symptom, that has prolonged for more than four days.

A trend- laxative diet
Since laxatives help you poop smoothly, your body ends up losing water. Many people mistake this water loss for weight loss.

“When a party or big celebration approaches, we often want to lose weight. People often take laxatives to get rid of tummy fat for a temporary period of time. What they don’t understand is how it can hurt them in the long run,” says Dr Renu Garg, nutritionist and homeopath. Dr Garg also mentions how dangerous this temporary solution can be if one is in the habit of taking laxatives every now and then.

Experts feel that using laxatives as a permanent solution for weight loss is a huge myth that needs to be busted right away. This is because when we consume laxatives for weight loss, we are damaging our muscles, nerves and digestive tract permanently.

“Many use laxatives as a means of weight loss. But it is important to remember that in the process of this ‘temporary weight loss’, you end up losing lots of minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, fiber and water. As a result, your body becomes dehydrated,” says nutritionist Dr Mansi Chatrath.

Dr Chatrath further mentions how this dehydration in our body can also turn fatal, especially if we use this method every now and then. “Since your body is losing water, you need to remember that this is not fat loss and eventually you will gain back all that you lost, sometimes in double quantity.”

According to Dr Garg this is more of an eating disorder than anything else, “Using laxatives as a temporary means of weight loss can lead to health consequences such as tremors and severe weakness. If you think this works for you, then this is a disorder and needs to rectified.”

Dehydration caused by the use of laxatives can lead to permanent deficiencies in the body. This means that one is exposing themselves to lifestyle issues like thyroid and diabetes, which can hurt your body in more ways than one.


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