Not Quite a Shotgun Wedding: Tennessee Bride Still in Her Dress Fires at Husband


A Tennessee newlywed hadn’t even changed out of her wedding dress when she fired a 9mm pistol at her husband just hours after they were married.

Twenty-five year old Kate Elizabeth Prichard of Kenton, Tennessee, is facing an aggravated domestic assault charge for firing at her husband, James Burton, who was not injured in the shooting.
“Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail,” Murfreesboro Police Department Sergeant Kyle Evans told a local television station, adding that Prichard was still in her wedding dress when she was arrested.
Court documents indicate that the shooting took place after Burton and Prichard had been drinking and arguing at the Clarion Inn motel near Murfreesboro. The bride aimed the gun at her husband’s head and pulled the trigger, though no shot was fired.
Prichard then loaded a round into the pistol and fired in the air. Whether she knew there were no bullets in the weapon when she pulled the trigger the first time is unclear.
The odd couple denied the incident and were not cooperative with police, who arrived on the scene after receiving reports that a woman had threatened to shoot her husband for pushing her. A witness had to direct authorities to the couple in question.
Evans added that Prichard attempted to hide the gun in a bathroom before authorities arrived.
According to the Rutherford County Jail, the blasting (and blasted?) bride posted a $15,000 bond. Police officials say the case will be sent to a grand jury.


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