Half of men can’t find the vagina on a diagram


A gynaecological cancer charity wants that to change
By Natalie Healey

Half of men are not able to identify the vagina on a diagram of the female body, a poll by gynaecological cancer charity the Eve Appeal has found.
The organisation asked 2000 people to point to the vagina on a diagram, but half of the men questioned got it wrong.
The Eve Appeal is calling for more men to be aware of the signs of gynaecological cancer. That’s cancer that affects the ovaries, womb, cervix, vagina or vulva. But in order to get there, men need to get better at identifying female anatomy.
More than 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer each year in the UK.
The charity says:
“Many men do not feel comfortable discussing gynae health issues with their loved ones, whether that’s their partner, wife, sister, daughter or friend – and this needs to change. We want to encourage men to have open and frank conversations with the women in their lives, about an issue which is often seen as a bit of a taboo.”
But gynae cancer awareness levels in women need improving too. Last year the Eve Appeal discovered that 44 per cent of women couldn’t correctly point out the vagina. And many just aren’t away of the signs of gynaecological problems. For instance, half of the women surveyed wouldn’t seek medical help if they were suffering from persistent bloating (a potential sign of ovarian cancer) and 15 per cent wouldn’t go to a GP if they found a lump or growth in their vagina.


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