Syrian Army Ends ISIL Terrorists’ Presence in Eastern Hama


The source said that the army soldiers won back the village of Hardaneh and Tal (hill) Ayed and Tal Adimeh in Eastern Hama.

The source further said that the ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the attacks.

The Army forces have now the entire Eastern Hama under their control and there is no area left under ISIL’s control in the region.

Earlier reports said that the army troops pushed ISIL back from more regions in Eastern Hama, inching closer to the recapture of the entire border regions between Hama and Homs provinces.

Military sources said that the army soldiers engaged in a tough battle with ISIL in Eastern Hama and imposed full control over the village of Abu Dali al-Sharqi.

In the meantime, a field commander said that the army has made a buffer zone between Eastern Hama and a large part of the triangle of Shoumeriyeh-Jubb al-Jarah-Mount Sha’er in Eastern Homs following its advances against ISIL in the last two days.

The commander further said that the army men have seized control over 30 villages and settlements with almost 1,000sq/km of area in their operation that they started from Sha’er region in Eastern Homs towards the village of al-Faseda in Eastern Hama.     


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