Breakfast dinner is a thing, right?


Bianca Wordley

School holidays should also be called “feed your kids every 10 minutes for two weeks” and it’s exhausting, not to mention costly.

The need to constantly be thinking up healthy meals for your kids is enough to make your head spin.

Last night, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Last night, two of my kids had porridge for dinner and the other had Rice Bubbles.

I’d officially given up – breakfast cereal for dinner it was.

And in South Australia, it was only day four of school holidays.

I’m nervous. What will my kids be having for dinner next week? They’ll probably be surviving on Nutella straight from the jar by the time they go back to school.

Luckily, I’m not alone in the struggle to come up with dinner every single night.

Another mum took to the popular website Mumsnet to ask if it was OK to feed her kids fish finger sandwiches, chopped pear and yoghurt for dinner.

“My mother was disgusted with tea – she thinks I’m not feeding them properly – they prefer this kind of tea sometimes – like scrambled egg on toast or beans on toast,” she wrote.


“Aibu (am I being unreasonable) or is my mother?”

To her credit, she also listed what else her kids had eaten that day and the list was endless and full of great food like vegetables, fruit, hummus, raisins, a hot meal at school, cereal and more fruit.

The reaction was resoundingly in her favour.

“It’s not pop tarts, It’s a win!” said one person.

“It’s protein, carbs and veg, isn’t it? It’s fine. Your mother is being rude and unhelpful. Fish fingers are yum!” said another.

While there were a heap of commentators, like these ones, who said they loved fish finger sandwiches: “Oh, it’s fine. I’d happily eat that for my tea and I’m 42!” and “I AM NOW EATING A FISH FINGER SANDWICH. Because of this thread.”

And of course, there were the people who took aim at the amount of sugar being consumed in the yoghurt. Seriously, you’ve got to love the sugar police.

I wonder what they’d say about my kids eating actual cereal for dinner? 

Or the other commentators who admitted to feeding their kids hot chips, a sausage sandwich or Weetbix for dinner.

It’s all about balance and honestly, you know what your kids have eaten over the course of the day and even if that is a lot of “sometimes foods”, there’s always tomorrow.



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