Police officer arrested after beating up woman on street in Antalya


One of the two police officers who beat up a woman and dragged by her hair on a street in the southern province of Antalya’s Alanya district on Oct. 3 was arrested on Oct. 5 after an investigation was launched into the incident.

The other policeman was released with a judicial control order.

The video of the woman, who was later determined to be a Kyrgyzstan national, lying on a street in front of two police officers was recorded by locals in the area. The video shows the two policemen initially speaking to the woman before one of them kicks her several times, beating her with his baton and dragging her by the hair.

After the video was widely shared on Turkish social media on Oct. 4, the Alanya Public Prosecutor’s Office and the provincial security directorate opened an investigation into the incident. After the identities of the two policemen were identified they were suspended from duty, while the authorities launched a probe to find the woman because she did not apply to the police for the incident.

The authorities then determined that the woman was of Kyrgyzstan origin and she was found in Antalya’s Gazipaşa district. The officials helped the woman obtain a health report from a local hospital, as one of her eyes, her shoulder and her leg were severely bruised in the attack. She was later taken to the Alanya Prosecutor’s Office for testimony.

The provincial Security General Directorate released a statement regarding the incident on Oct. 4, saying legal action would be taken against the police officers responsible.

“Such an act against any living being, not just any human being, is unacceptable for our department. As a law enforcement agency, we will not tolerate violence and poor treatment by our officers, just as we have not before,” the statement said.


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