Turkey slams European countries over PKK rallies


Turkey has lashed out at some European countries for tolerating the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) simultaneous demonstrations late on Oct. 15, vowing to summon their ambassadors.

“We regretfully condemn the tolerance shown toward simultaneous and provocative demonstrations that have been launched by members of the PKK in various cities in Europe last night,” a written statement issued by the Foreign Ministry said on Oct. 16, without indicating which European countries they were.

“The fact that the PKK can hold such organized acts throughout the continent, can occupy public offices in some countries and can continue its terrorist propaganda is exemplary to display how it could get strengthened in the continent as a result of the tolerance shown in Europe,” it said.

“Hereby, we remind our counterparts that taking necessary measures against the PKK is not vital only for the security of Turkey but also for the security of their own countries,” it added.

The statement informed that the ambassadors of the countries where the PKK can stage demonstrations will be summoned. The ministry did not give details of which European countries they were.


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