Cheating consequences


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 Many people say infidelity is inevitable in this generation, as technology has created the path for people to be enticed, and indulging is as easy as the click of a mouse.

And this is followed by a no-fear, no-guilt state of mind, where the person being cheated on is often urged to accept the way things are, or split.

It has reached the point where a man will go out and cheat, go home to his wife, and demand that she be intimate with him. Others create entire new families outside their marriages, and force their wives to accept, or face being replaced.

But the repercussions of cheating are still as relevant today as they were in the past – overt and covert scarring that will remain not only for the affected partner, but children in the union too. And no amount of writing cheating off as ‘normal’ can prevent what often is a devastating outcome.

So before you indulge, think on these factors:

1.Your character will take a beating

Once your partner discovers that you have lied to him or her and went as far as to tamper with their trust, that relationship is on thin ice. Your partner will never see you in the same light again.

2.Trust will be broken

One of the major components of a healthy relationship is untainted trust. Once trust is tampered with, it makes the relationship much more difficult to traverse.

3.You are risking your love for infatuation or lust

A lot of men fall prey to this trap as a man will see a woman who is 10 times sexier than his partner and immediately lose focus. It must be said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to nice things and people, but there is a line that should not be crossed once you’re in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, some men have risked it all and have lost their loyal and loving partners to infidelity for short-term pleasure.



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