Erbil Proposes Baghdad to ‘Freeze’ Results of Independence Referendum


The Kurdistan Regional Government offered the central Iraq’s government in a Wednesday statement to cease fire, and to start a bilateral dialogue, expressing readiness to “freeze” the results of the region’s independence referendum.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the statement, the clashes between Iraqi troops and the Kurdish Peshmerga units would not give the victory to no one, but would have a negative impact on both sides and would “drive the country towards disarray and chaos.”

#KRG proposes the following 2 the @IraqiGovt:1.Immediate ceasefire 2.Freezing results of referendum3. An open talk.

— DFR Kurdistan (@KRG_DFR) 24 октября 2017 г.

​”In order to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations towards the people of Kurdistan and Iraq, we propose the following to the Iraqi Government and the Iraqi and world public opinion: 1. Immediate ceasefire and halt all military operations in the Kurdistan Region. 2. Freeze the results of referendum conducted in the Iraqi Kurdistan. 3. Start an open dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Federal Government on the basis of the Constitution,” the statement said.


The tensions between Baghdad and Erbil escalated after the September independence vote held in Iraqi Kurdistan as well as disputed areas like the Kirkuk province. In October, Baghdad in cooperation with Shia militias launched an operation to tighten control over Kirkuk.

At the referendum held on September 25, over 90 percent of the voters supported secession from Iraq. Baghdad, however, deemed the vote illegal and introduced a number of restrictive measures against Erbil.



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