Lebanon – Jumblat Embraces Bassil’s Chouf Visit


A delegation from the Free Patriotic Movement visited leader of the Democratic Gathering bloc MP Walid Jumblat at the latter’s residence in Clemenceau, media office of the Progressive Socialist Party said on Tuesday.

The delegation conveyed an invitation to PSP leader “Jumblat and his bloc to be part of a visit planned by FPM leader and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil to the Chouf area,” the Druze and Jumblat’s stronghold, said the statement.

The FPM delegation expressed keenness “the visit would bring together all components of the mountain area.”

The FPM delegation was comprised of Elie Haddad and Paul Aoun.

They were greeted by Democratic Gathering bloc member MP Wael Abu Faour and PSP Secretary-General Zafer Nasser at Jumblat’s residence.

For their part the PSP delegation said Jumblat welcomes the visit as a way to “consolidate and consecrate reconciliation.”



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