Over 30,000 People Stranded in Japan Due to Heavy Snow


TOKYO (Sputnik) – The heavy snowfalls in Japan have resulted in cancellation and delay of dozens of flights that affected over 32,000 people, the Aviation Wire flights monitor said on Tuesday.

According to the Aviation Wire, the Japan Airlines alone cancelled 124 domestic and 20 international flights on Monday, changing the plans of about 18,500 people. Another 14,000 people missed their flights on Monday since All Nippon Airways, another major Japanese airline, had cancelled 102 domestic and 17 international flights.


On Tuesday, the both airlines cancelled another 50 flights, both national and international, causing 6,000 more to stay in Japan.

Snowing in Tokyo. It was rare. Such snow has been four years! ☃️❄️ #Tokyo #Japan #Snow pic.twitter.com/hO9sdRjaPg

— Kaori Azuma (@kaoringsari) January 22, 2018

Snowing in Tokyo, which is unusual and often shuts it down. Today is special though, could have up to 10cm of snow, which is enough to call out the Self-Defence force. pic.twitter.com/s5NN2NOsug

— Leslie Gill/ギル・レスリー (@sdQinJapan) January 22, 2018

​On Monday, a number of Japan’s prefectures, including Chiba, Tokyo, and Kanagawa, have seen its heaviest snow in four years. The snowfalls have accumulated 23 centimeters (9 inches) of snow during the overnight hours of Monday into Tuesday, according to media reports. About 320 people in Tokyo and six neighbouring prefectures have suffered fractures and other injuries as a result of the heavy show, the Japanese fire service said.



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