Israeli Army Reports Downing Iranian Drone, Attacking ‘Targets’ Inside Syria


TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – An Israeli helicopter on Saturday downed an Iranian drone after it crossed into the Israel-occupied Golan Heights and struck at what the Israeli military said were Iranian targets in Syria, prompting Syrian fire.

Israel’s army said in a press release its helicopter had successfully intercepted the drone that flew into its airspace from Syria.

Syrian air defense systems opened fire on Israel that triggered air raid sirens. The Israeli military did not say if the attack had been successful.

Earlier in the week, Syrian air defenses have responded to an Israeli attack near Damascus, according to to Syrian SANA state-run agency. Haaretz reported later, citing sources, that Israeli missiles had targeted a “research center”, located north of Damascus.


The move has been described as “aggression” by the Syrian government. The government of the Arab republic moved on then with accusing Tel Aviv of effectively aiding the terrorist forces in the country. The Syrian Foreign Ministry wrote a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and another to the UN Security Council seeking help from the UN to put an end to these attacks.

Israel and Syria have never signed a peace treaty and have been repeatedly exchanging attacks in bordering areas.



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