Bella Hadid’s Erotic PHOTO Sparks Talks of ‘Freemasonry, Naked Orgies’


A single image of a beautiful scantily-clad fashion model ended up both fascinating viewers and at the same time eliciting comments that veered into conspiracy theories and the occult.

The photo of a famous fashion model Bella Hadid wearing nothing but her panties and a smile that was recently posted on Instagram has immediately attracted considerable public attention. Some viewers however drew rather extravagant conclusions from the sight of a beautiful almost-nude woman.

“Think she works for freemasonry Goddess Semiramis cult maybe do naked orgy like in Eyes wide shut imagine her naked in a circle with priest and then all get f*ck,” user ‘karinapurimova’ declared, adding that the model “works for not good old horned god and moon goddess cult people” and accompanying her comment with several smiley faces.

Some commenters also expressed concern over the wellbeing of a puppy Hadid was holding in front of her breasts, or simply called her a “stupid girl.”

There were also plenty of those who simply admired Hadid’s good looks and praised her beauty.

The photograph was made inside a changing room at the What Goes Around Comes Around store in New York by celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell.

Later however the photo was deleted from Instagram.



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