Turkey’s Muğla exports marble to 60 countries


The southwestern province of Muğla exported marble and natural stone worth $300 million to 60 countries in 2017, Marble Association of Muğla chair Mustafa Ercan said on Feb. 14.

“Muğla has around 120 marble quarries, around 140 factories and nearly 10,000 employees,” Ercan told state-run Anadolu Agency.

He said the export of the city’s marble and natural stone – granite, limestone, onyx and travertine – rose by 23 percent year-on-year in 2017.

Muğla’s exports made 20 percent of Turkey’s overall marble and natural stone exports – $2.1 billion – in 2017, he underlined.

“We plan to raise our marble and natural stone exports 25-30 percent every year,” Ercan said.

Marble is the second most important sector for Muğla after tourism, with exports made mostly to the Middle East, Europe, the U.S., China and India.

Muğla is the second top white marble producer in the world after the Italian province of Carrara.

“Within the scope of studies with the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry we are continuing to work to secure a geographical indication for ‘Muğla White Marble,’” said Ercan.


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