Armenian government to create special office to deal with investors


YEREVAN, June 13. /ARKA/. The new Armenian government will effect a string of reforms to turn the interest of investors into the economy of the country into an investment boom, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated during a live broadcast in Facebook on June 12.

He said never before the interest of investors in Armenia has been as big as now. ‘The government aims to transform this interest into an investment boom. But for this, serious reforms are needed, which we are preparing now,” he said.

According to Pashinyan, one of such reforms is the introduction of a special office – an “investment window”, which would help foreign investors without the intervention of government agencies to invest their capital in any sector of the Armenian economy.

Pashinyan said this office will deal with both the registration of investor’s business, management, negotiations with local authorities and banks. ‘This means any citizen of Armenia or a foreigner can visit the office to seek its assistance in starting a business. In case of problems, the investors will know where to turn to for help,” he said.

Pashinyan stressed the importance of the proportional; development of all regions of Armenia, pointing investments as the main factor.

“This requires a free legal field without corruption risks, elimination of monopolies and the shadow economy. Tax breaks in remote or border settlements are not excluded, because we can not ensure development with the scarce means available, and the increase in investments will lead to increased tax revenues,” he said.

The Prime Minister called on all investors to come to Armenia without fear and with confidence and start their own business.

“I personally consider myself the guarantor of your business. I guarantee that no one will demand a share in your business; no one will make extortions or take it away from you. Everything that you would earn here will be yours, and the state will guarantee a level playing field for all,” he said.


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