Turkish shipyard builds 47 ships for Norwegian company


shipyard located in Turkey’s Marmara region has built its 47th ship for the Norwegian company Havyard Group, the head of the shipyard said on June 12.

The 47th ship, battery-powered, 115 meters long and a with a 180-car capacity ferryboat, is named Fyord1, Cemre Shipyard chair Orhan Gülcek said at the launching ceremony in the northwestern province of Yalova.

“We broke a record in Turkey by producing the most ships for a single company,” said Gülcek.

The ship is the Norwegian company’s first ferryboat design, he added.

Cemre Shipyard, established in 1996, builds ships at its 70,000-meter-square plant in Yalova.

The Havyard Group is active in ship design, shipbuilding technology, fish handling, and power systems.

Turkey’s ship and yacht sector’s exports were $354.4 million in the first five months of the year and $1.33 billion in 2017, according to Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) data.


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