Israel Seeks to Justify Another Aggression – Lebanese Foreign Minister


Sputnik-The Lebanese official responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly during which he claimed that Hezbollah tried to establish three missile conversion sites in Beirut.

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil claimed on Monday that Israel was attempting to “justify another aggression,” using false allegations of missile sites belonging to Iran-backed Hezbollah, located in the country.

“Israel is planning to violate the sovereignty of other countries, while it is forgetting Lebanon has defeated it. Israel’s arrogance and ‘new friends’ will not help it this time,” Bassil tweeted.

Addressing the claims of the Israeli PM, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry invited all foreign ambassadors in the country to meet on Monday afternoon in order to examine the alleged Hezbollah bases.

“The presentation will be followed by a visit to one of the sites near Beirut’s airport,” the Foreign Ministry said.

In Thursday’s speech, holding up a satellite image, Netanyahu accused Hezbollah of hiding missile sites around Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport.



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