Turkey’s pipeline company Botaş increases natural gas prices for third time in months


Turkish state-run pipeline operator Botaş has raised natural gas prices by 9 percent for residential users and 18.5 percent for industrial users, energy sector sources said on Oct. 1.

This was the third hike in natural gas prices in as many months.

Botaş had increased gas price 9 percent for houses and 14 percent for industries on Sept. 1.

On the same day, the country’s energy regulator raised electricity prices by 14 percent for industrial use and 9 percent for residential use.

On Aug. 1, Botaş decided to increase the price of natural gas used for electricity production by 50 percent. This was one day after it raised natural gas prices for residential use by 9 percent, effective from Aug. 1.

Almost a third of Turkey’s total 293 billion megawatt power production came from natural gas power plants in 2017.


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